Art Nouveau posters are incredibly popular, even over 100 years after they debuted. They really came to stand for the entire Art Nouveau period, from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. Art Nouveau posters took the world by storm, and whether for plays or movies, advertisements or simply art, there was a huge range of them produced.

Of course the entire Art Nouveau period came to be with Alphonse Mucha and his poster for the play called Gismonda. From there, Art Nouveau posters absolutely took off, and there is an incredibly large range of these that are still highly sought after today.

Some noticeable elements include lots of new, original fonts made specifically for Art Nouveau posters, different and fresh angles and perspectives, bright colors and designs, floral patterns, women, asymmetrical shapes and schemes and much more. These were very beautiful and stylized paintings and drawings.

When people visualize Art Nouveau in their head, they usually imagine a few of their favorite Art Nouveau posters. You can get your hands on some original copies of these, or you can buy the huge range of prints and pictures of these that are available. Art Nouveau posters make for wonderful home and office décor.
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