Few things are more beautiful than some of the carefully crafted Art Nouveau jewelry that's available from the popular period about 100 years ago. Art Nouveau jewelry really shifted the focus of what jewelry was about, and it made for some very exciting pieces, including earrings, pins, brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

With Art Nouveau jewelry, the focus moved away from gems and diamonds. Instead, emphasis was placed more on the entire piece, including very intricately detailed bands and settings, sculpted gold and much more. Lots of asymmetrical shapes and designs were employed, and there were also lots of curves, flowing lines, floral and plant patterns and more.

As already mentioned, gold was one of the most popular choices during this period. There was also a lot of glass jewelry and brightly colored ornamental jewelry of this kind. New stones and materials were also utilized, from onyx to other exotic choices as well.

Art Nouveau jewelry is easily recognizable, and it's sure to turn some heads in any situation or environment. From beautiful sculpted gold to standout glass pieces and more, jewelry from the Art Nouveau period will make for a wonderful addition to your collection.
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