Alphonse Mucha GismondaArt Nouveau thrived as a popular art form for perhaps only 20 or 30 years, ranging from the late 1800s to the beginning of the 1900s. However, in this brief period, many famous and lasting examples of Art Nouveau artwork, jewelry and design made powerful impressions on the public that can still be felt today. From influencing modern artists and further periods of art and décor, to surviving as great symbols of expression and creativity, there's a wealth of well known Art Nouveau that comes to mind.

One of the great aspects about Art Nouveau is that while there were clear stylistic indicators, everybody interpreted it differently. It was a period of art that was really driven by the unique, individual artists and artist groups that produced and created art during this period. Still, just a few of the themes and traits include aspects such as flowing lines, vines, floral patterns, bright colors, symbolism, asymmetrical shapes and more.

If you want to look back and find some famous examples of Art Nouveau, there's nobody better to start with than Alphonse Mucha. In fact, it was his famous lithograph that spurred on the rapid growth of what would later become Art Nouveau. So prominent was his role that at first it was known as the Mucha Style.

The lithograph that got the job done was an advertisement for a play known as Gismonda. But he had a slew of famous posters and pieces of art, many of which focused on the portraits of sensuous women. Some of his most powerful and recognized works include Le Pater and The Slav Epic, which was a series of 20 or so massive paintings.

Art NouveauTo find some other famous Art Nouveau creations, a great place to look is with the Vienna Secession group of artists, and the original president of the movement, Gustav Klimt. Some of Klimt's famous artwork includes Beethoven Frieze, The Kiss and Judith I. The Tree of Life, The Three Ages of Woman and Silhouette I and II are some of his other more popular and long lasting pieces of art. Many of these will be recognizable at first glance even if you don't know the name of the piece or the artist who created it.

Rene Lalique jewelryMoving onto jewelry and home décor, one of the standout leaders in the Art Nouveau field that is still recognized today is Rene Lalique. Originally working with glass creations, he also used many other materials and produced everything from jewelry pieces to clocks, vases and perfume bottles. He's known for his naturalistic work, and he eventually went on to thrive in the art deco period as well.

Of course, this is just the beginning in terms of Art Nouveau and the hundreds of famous paintings, jewelry pieces, sculptures and décor that were created during this thriving artistic period. Each artist held his own unique place in the entire picture, and each country melded its own broad style as well. Bringing home some of these fantastic Art Nouveau works or any other of the many famous examples will be a guaranteed success.
Alphonse Mucha The Slav Epic

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