Die Jugend 1896Art Nouveau is an art movement that was very popular in the 1890’s up until the first years of the 20th Century. The term means ‘New Art’ in French and in other languages it is known as “Jugendstil” (Germany), “Sezessionstil” (Austria), “Modernismo” (Spain), and “Floreale” or “Liberty” in Italy. Art Nouveau has been applied to all of the decorative arts, architecture, painting and sculpture.

Art Nouveau was charged with an ideology to break the standards of the 19th Century Academic Art and to bring down the barriers between the fine arts and applied arts. It was a movement to combine all the arts in an attempt to create new art based on natural forms that could be mass-produced by the technologies of the industrial age. Additionally, the artist should be able to work on various different approaches from painting to metalwork and everything in between. 

A central element in Art Nouveau is the organic, plant-inspired motif which is often expressed with floral patterns and themes. Such themes are highly stylized with flowing curved forms. Other primary themes are birds, insects and femme fatales. The use of abstract lines and shapes as well as the lack of vivid shading is applied in order to eliminate the sense of depth thus most Art Nouveau paintings are presented in a two-dimensional manner.

Many Art Nouveau artifacts such asArt Nouveau Champenois vases, bowls, plates, lights, various furniture etc are beautiful objects but not necessarily very practical to use. During the first years of the movement, advertising posters were introduced into art providing a new space for the exhibition of this new art. Additionally, architects like Antoni Gaudν (although he has his own distinct style) have stretched the limits of design into astonishing and magnificent forms.

Art Nouveau remains an extraordinary form of art until today.Countless artifacts from the period 1890-1914 are constantly reproduced and many contemporary artists identify themselves as Art Nouveau artist. It is indeed the boldness, the sense of adventure and the desire to revolt that makes Art Nouveau such a pleasant trip for the senses!
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Artist gets into the Snapchat groove

Matthew Stone's Snapchat filter
Over 40s need not apply but if youre in London and stuck for something to do this weekend, then why not use Snapchat to be part of an exhibition at Somerset House? The UK artist Matthew Stone, 34, whose show Healing With Woundspart of the Utopia2016 initiativecloses on 29 August, has created a custom Snapchat filter that will be available at and around the exhibition on its last day. Visitors will be able to capture Stones digital work as an overlay to a 10-second photo or video. Its an exciting and new way to interact with viewers of my art, says Stone, who is working with the digital creative agency, Slap, on the project. Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and particularly popular with 18-to-24 year olds. Earlier this year, the company changed its policy to allow third-parties to submit original filters that Snapchat reviews and, if accepted, then charges these new filter pioneers a relatively small fee. Expect more artists to get into the groove (as a 40-something might say).

Three to See: Chart art fair, Copenhagen

Brian Eno, The Ship (2016). (Image: courtesy of Chart Art Fari, photo: Jesper Palermo)
Brian Eno might be one of the best-known singer-songwriters in rock music, but he has never used his voice in a work of artuntil now. The Ship (2014-16), a 50-minute sound and visual installation on show at Chart art fair (until 28 August), inspired the former Roxy Music band members 25th solo album, also called The Ship, which he released in April.

During the making of the work of art, Eno found he could now sing a low Cthe root note of the lead track on his album. Getting older does have a few fringe benefits after all, Eno writes on his website. Much like the album, the work of art is sung in Enos newfound lower register, and combines poem-like vocals, discordant bells and shifting synths. For added gloom factor, several funerary masks from the collection of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts have been installed in the dark room, among the spot lit plinths and speakers.

The ambient piece has been co-commissioned by Heartland Festival and the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, where the art fair takes place.

Collaboration is the name of the game among Nordic galleries

Two of the biggest galleries in the Nordic region have teamed up to present a joint show at the art fair. Copenhagens Galleri Bo Bjerggaard has supplied paintings, while Stockholms Galleri Magnus Karlsson has brought sculptures.

The happy pairing was a last-minute decision, according to Morten Korsgaard, a co-founder of Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, where prices range from 350,000 DKK ($53,000) for a large tile and wood collage by Peter Linde Busk to 2.9m DKK ($440,000) for a painting by Georg Baselitz. We decided this morning we would share our spaces and hang it this way, Korsgaard said at the press opening. The galleries are also showing parallel exhibitions of paintings and drawings by Mamma Andersson and Tal R, who have been exchanging ideas and imagery since meeting at last year's fair.

One of the reasons the fair flows so well is its lack of walls between booths; another is the collegiate atmosphere among dealers. Chart's director Simon Friese says collaboration is key; the 30 participating galleries all come from the Nordic region. We take our cue from what happened with Nordic cuisine around 15 years ago, he says. Danish and Swedish chefs stood side by side rather than in competition with each other. Its the Nordic way.

Design galleries make debut

For the first time in its four-year history, six design galleries have been invited to take part at Chart. One standout is The Apartment, a design gallery based in a former apartment in central Copenhagen.

Tina Seidenfaden Busck, the founder of the gallery, has taken the same approach at the fair, creating a homely interior that mixes contemporary and vintage items, including a handmade rug by the Swedish weaver Mrta Maas-Fjetterstrm, Venini chandeliers and a daybed by the Austrian-Swedish architect and designer Josef Frank. Prices range from 500 to 22,000.

It makes perfect sense to include design in an art fair in Copenhagen, Busck says. Design is part of Denmarks DNA.

Ai Weiwei dropped from Yinchuan Biennale in China

Ai Weiwei in his studio in Caochangdi, Beijing, taken in April 2015.
Ai Weiwei has been dropped from the Yinchuan Biennale, two weeks ahead of its opening, due to his "political status, the Chinese artist posted Wednesday (24 August) on Twitter. The inaugural biennial at the Yinchuan MoCA, a private institution opened last year in the capital of western Chinas heavily Muslim Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is curated by Bose Krishnamachari and includes 73 artists including Anish Kapoor, Song Dong, and Yoko Ono.

Ai tweeted that he received a vague letter from Yinchuan MoCA's artistic director Hsieh Suchen that the decision is made by higher officials due to the shows status as part of Chinas One Belt, One Road initiative to build a new Silk Road of overland economic and cultural exchange with countries to Chinas west. Hsieh tells the The Art Newspaper that the show is not directly affiliated with One Belt, One Road, but holds a central role as the discriminator of cultural capital in Yinchuan, which is the main spot on the One Belt, One Road strategyThe government doesnt have any involvement at all [with the exhibition].

Rather, displeasure expressed in Chinese domestic media about Ais involvement raised Hsiehs concerns, and on 21 August, the board decided to exclude Ai Weiweis work. She says it is the second time she has had to apologise to Ai. The first time was when I invited Ai Weiwei for a solo show when I was director of the Today Art Museum. She encountered immense pressures and unanticipated difficulties that put me in great stress and distress and I left, she says. For this biennale, I gave a thought to the difficulties initially and I was aware that his presence physically or virtually will come with some controversy. So there were lot of discussions that went back and forth and inherent setbacks thereof came with them. Ultimately, the board decided to withdraw his work. Yinchuan MoCA is a fledgling institution, a sapling for the contemporary art in Northwest of China, I would like to see this sapling being nurtured well and growing into an ageless tree.

Following the end of Ai's exhibition ban in China in June 2015 and the subsequent return of his passport, he has been included without incident in several major shows in China, including last autumns West Bund Art and Design Fair and this Marchs Art Wuzhen, both organised by local or district level governments. Despite Yinchuan MoCAs private operation, the exhibitions affiliation with the national level One Belt, One Road apparently subjects it to the more cautious sensibilities of the central government.

Ai meanwhile elaborated yesterday on Instagram that while censorship is a given under Communism, it still comes as a surprise to me for an international art biennaleto remove a single artist for the reason of defending human rights and freedom of speech. This shows [that] what we face is a world which is divided and segregated by ideology, and art is used merely as a decoration for political agendas in certain societies.

Ai wrote: China is trying to develop into a modern society without freedom of speech, but without political arguments involving higher aesthetic morals and philosophies, art is only served as a puppet of fake cultural efforts. Therefore I am happy not to be a part of that effort as a political decoration.

UPDATE: This article was updated on 26 August to include the response from Hsieh Suchen, the artistic director of Yinchuan MoCA.

Instagram model and makeup artist sues Richard Prince over copyright infringement

Richard Prince is in legal hot water yet again. The artist and his former dealer Gagosian Gallery have been sued by a California-based makeup artist and model over a work from his latest series. Ashley Salazar filed her lawsuit in June after she discovered that Prince had appropriated a mirror selfie decorated with cat memes from her Instagram account. The case is potentially made more complicated by the fact that Prince is no longer represented by Gagosian, his dealer of more than a decade.

The suit, which had gone unnoticed until now, is the fourth copyright infringement claim filed against the artist in recent years. In the first case, Prince lost a lawsuit brought by the photographer Patrick Cariou over his Canal Zone series in 2011but was later vindicated when that ruling was largely overturned on appeal in 2013. Princes more recent New Portraits series, which debuted at Gagosians Madison Avenue gallery in 2014, made him the target of two more lawsuits brought by photographers who claim that the artist stole and unfairly profited from their work.

Unlike the plaintiffs in the previous cases, Salazarwho posts to Instagram under the name @mynxiiwhiteis not a professional photographer. According to her website, she is a makeup artist who has toured with Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson as well as a model who has appeared on the cover of Elle Japan and Vogue Italia.

Salazars lawsuit claims that Prince wrongfully created copies of her photo without her consent and engaged in acts of affirmative and widespread self-promotion of the copies directed at the public at large. According to Salazars lawyer Douglas Linde, the makeup artist registered her selfie with the US Copyright Office on 25 March. Linde says he is not sure how she became aware that her image had been appropriated by Prince, but that its an unauthorised use and were looking to vindicate our clients rights.

Both sides agreed earlier this month to transfer the case from California to New York federal court. Linde says he plans to refile the case imminently. Another case against Prince brought by the London-based photographer Dennis Morris is also due to be transferred to New York federal court. Meanwhile, Prince and Gagosians motion to dismiss the third lawsuit, brought by the Los Angeles-based photographer Donald Graham, is pending.

Princes New Portraits series features Instagram photos by famous and not-so-famous scantily clad women ranging from Kate Moss to the pin-up models the Suicide Girls. He enlarges the images, inkjet prints them on canvas and adds his own cryptic comments underneath. The image of Salazar was shownand soldat Frieze New York last year. Gagosian dedicated its entire stand to the series, which were reportedly priced at around $90,000 each.

Princes lawyer Joshua Schiller, of the firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner, says that the works are a commentary on social media and sufficiently transform the source material to qualify as fair use. I think the facts will show that people perceive Richard Princes work to be differentthe audience is different, the purpose is different, he says.

To some experts, the significance of Princes work is inextricably linked to the litigation that surrounds it. With the Instagram series, whatever else is going on, Prince is creating work that seems custom-designed for law school hypotheticals, says the art lawyer and art historian Virginia Rutledge. Were presented with a confusion and collision of authors, expressive content, media channels and expectations about both economic and aesthetic value. Hes forcing the key question for fair use: What does it take to make something entirely new?

Under US copyright law, the use of copyrighted material in a work of art is considered fair use if it comments on the original source material; Prince is leaving literal comments beneath the Instagram photos he reproduces.

A spokesman for Gagosian confirmed a report by Artnet News published in June that Prince and Gagosian Gallery had cut ties, but declined to comment on the recent lawsuit. (Schiller says he has a good working relationship with Gagosians legal team and that the split should have no bearing on the case.) A lawyer for Gagosian did not respond to a request for comment on the Salazar suit.

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